Providing Airborne Capabilities For You


Customers do not necessarily need to purchase Helikites in order to benefit from their unique capabilities. We can arrange for Helikites to be flown by our trained operators, in most parts of the world.

Especially useful for:

  • Short-term requirements
  • Situations where the customer has no spare personnel to fly the Helikite.
  • Customers with no desire to purchase capital equipment.
  • Urgent situations, where there is no time to train new personnel
  • Situations where there are no means of on-site Helikite storage.
  • Specialised situations, such as maritime or military trials, where extra experience is valuable

We will arrange any air-traffic control permissions, if they are needed.

Our personnel will assess the site, determine and make ready the correct Helikite and payload to use, travel to the site and fly the equipment. Some payloads, such as surveillance equipment may be supplied and operated by our personnel. Other equipment, such as sensitive scientific payloads, or radio-relays, are likely to be supplied and operated by the customer whilst being flown by our personnel.

Wherever possible, we supply operators who not just good Helikite operators, but are also experts in the type of operations being undertaken. So, surveillance will be done by trained surveillance experts, many ex-servicemen, well versed in police or military procedures. Radio communications will be serviced by operators experienced in this field. Aerial photography will be done by cameramen, and surveying by trained surveyors.

Persistent Airborne Surveillance Long term airborne video Long Range Observation Day/Night
Pan Tilt Zoom
E/O + I/R
Fibre-Optic or Radio Downlink
Security Companies
Maritime Operations
Oil Companies
Critical Infrastructure
Border Security
First Responders Events Organisers Scientists Industry Environmental Construction Sports Events Traffic Control Film Producers Broadcast Video Publicity Agents
Long Range Communications Airborne Radio-Relay
Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G
Up to 100 miles line-of-sight
Maximum 31,420 Sq Miles
Over Land or Sea
Raising Sensors & Equipment Payloads: 0.5Kg - 50Kg
Altitudes:100ft - 5,000ft
Photography Many professional cameras up to 3Kg in weight
Marketing Banners, Inflatable Shapes
Written Messages,
Lasers, Lighting