12volt Winch

A strong and reliable 12 volt electric winch suitable for Helikite operations. It has a relatively fast line speed of approximately 20 metres/minute. The gearbox and fairlead is optimised for the use of Dyneema flying line. It is weather-proof and suitable for marine use if required.
It can operate directly from a 12 volt car battery or other suitable 12 volt supply and can be remotely operated via radio or cable. It has an optional bracket allowing direct attachment to the tow-hitch ball of a vehicle. It can also be attached by bolting it to the flat bed of a truck or any suitable flat surface, or anchored directly onto the ground.

12V Electric winch
Weight = 60Kg
Length: 60 Depth: 20 Height:33
Line speed 20 metres/minute in and out.
Heavy duty series wound motor delivers strong torque.
Built in waterproof control unit.
Reliable 3 stage planetary gearbox runs cool so it will not harm Dyneema tether line.
Brake Automatic, double cone brake, external to the drum so it will not heat up drum core.
Smooth aluminium fairlead designed for Dyneema tether line.
Rotating ring gear clutch. Free spooling of line is possible (but not recommended during Helikite flight).
Easy installation and maintenance.
Water resistant sealed
Recommended power supply. One 12V, 100amp/hour battery will give 30 minutes continuous use.
Two batteries recommended for extended use.

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