Samll Gasoline Winch

A strong and handy wheeled gasoline winch, specially designed by Allsopp Helikites Ltd, suitable for most Helikite operations. Designed to be compact and fit anywhere. Easy to man-handle and fast to deploy. It has a centrifugal clutch aligned with a forward and reverse gearbox onto a 90 degree reduction gearbox. It has a variable line speed up to a creditably fast 50 metres/minute. The specially designed smooth-running, tall, narrow, drum is optimised for automatic line-laying and is suitable for fibre-optic tethers. A unique feature is the variable width of the drum that can be set for different line lengths and thicknesses of cable. The winch has automatic gearbox braking and also a separate, foot operated disc brake. The quiet engine is the reliable and familiar Honda 4.5HP four-stroke. Safety features include: an emergency stop button; lockable ignition switch and stainless-steel safety cage surrounding the moving parts. The wheels can be removed and stored on a bracket on the winch when required. The strong powder-coated steel frame protects the winch and creates an easily packaged, fork-lift friendly unit. The winch is weather-proof and is suitable for use on land, vehicles, or at sea.

Power: 4.5 HP Honda gasoline motor Weight = 120Kg
Wheeled dimensions: Length: 100cm Width: 50cm Height: 70cm
Non-Wheeled dimensions: Length: 100cm Width: 50cm Height: 60cm
Line speed 50 metres per minute forward and reverse.
Max. Recommended Working Line tension is 200Kg.
Max line pull is 300Kg.
Automatic 90 degree gearbox brake, plus foot operated disc brake.
Full safety features

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