Large helikite Winch

A large and very powerful wheeled gasoline winch, specially designed by Allsopp Helikites Ltd, suitable for large Helikite operations. Designed to be air-mobile, easily towed into position and then rapidly deployed.
It has a centrifugal clutch aligned with a forward and reverse gearbox coupled to an in-line reduction gearbox. It has a variable line speed up to an unusually fast 100 metres/minute whilst pulling 750Kg. The specially designed smooth-running, tall, narrow, drum is designed to automatically lay the line neatly without the requirement for expensive, complicated and unreliable level-wind mechanisms. With its large core diameter, the drum is highly suitable for fibre-optic tethers. Optional slip rings can be supplied. The winch is optimised for maximum speed and power whilst retaining reliability, so it has a very efficient in-line configuration. The powerful clutch allows the drum to freewheel if required for silent and fast Helikite ascent. There is a separate, strong, double-disc brake. Line can be rum from the top or bottom of the drum as preferred. There are roller fairleads top and bottom. The engine is the reliable Honda 22HP OHV four-stroke. There is also a manual emergency winder. Safety features include: A manual drum locking bar; an emergency stop button; lockable ignition switch and steel safety cage surrounding the moving parts. The wheels can be removed and stored on a bracket on the winch when required. The strong powder-coated steel frame protects the winch and creates an easily packaged, fork-lift friendly unit. The winch is weather-proof and is suitable for use on land, vehicles, or at sea.

Power: 22 HP OHV Honda gasoline motor
Weight = 1225Kg
Overall dimensions with wheels and tow-hitch stowed:
Length: 232cm  Width: 1500cm  Height: 146cm
Line speed 100 metres per minute forward and reverse.
Max. Recommended Working Line tension is 750Kg. Max line pull is 1000Kg.
Brake: Lever operated twin disc brakes.

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