The Most Practical Aerostat Ever Created

UAV Crashing Whilst
Helikite Aerostat Flies in a Gale

Helikite Aerostat for lifting
High Altitude Military Radio-Relay

Helikite Aerostat High Altitude
Non-Gyro Camera

34m3 Desert Star Helikite Aerostat
& Trailer

Helikite Aerostat for Radio-Relay
Being Retrieved @ Imber

British Army 34m3 Helikite
with Gyro Camera

Helikite Landing Proceedure

Helikite at 1000ft
& Cortez Tower

Video Transmitted 6 miles via.
Rajant Breadcrumb lifted
on small Backpack Helikite

Blackeyes Helikite Night Time
Surveillance and Trailer

SkySentry TEA 45m3 Desert Star Helikite

Thales 24m3 Skyhook Helikite
and 4G Comms