Helikite launching from rapid-response trailer
Helikite Rapid-Response Trailer launching a 34m3 Desert Star Helikite


Trailer carrying inflated 15m3 Desert Star Helikite

Trailer carrying inflated 34m3 Desert Star Helikite

    Helium, winch, Helikite and battery storage

     Winch operated via cable remote control


Designed specifically by Allsopp Helikites Ltd for rapid mobile deployment of Helikites up to 45m3 in size. Special features allow easy and safe inflation, launch and retrieve of a Helikite in all weathers. Also allows Helikites to be towed at high speed behind vehicles, which is excellent for rapid surveillance, patrolling, TV and movie work.

Helium is not always available near the customer. Sometimes it will be hundreds of miles away. This trailer can also safely transport and store up to 13 x BOC ‘L’ sized helium cylinders (or similar) each holding 9m3 (315 cubic ft) of helium over rough terrain. This is a total of 117m3 (4095cubic ft). Enough to fill and fly a 18m3 Helikite constantly for 12 months, or a 34m3 Helikite for 6 months.

Superficially, this may look similar to a modified standard trailer, it is in fact custom made from the ground up. No standard trailers made in the UK had high enough ground clearance, strong enough chassis, protected brake pipes, etc. So we designed and produced our own from scratch. A Helikite trailer needs to be supplied to the customer in a 20ft shipping container and then instantly trailed using a standard ball hitch, directly from that shipping container both on and off-road, anywhere in the world. It also needs to be air-transportable for military or humanitarian operations, so it must fit in standard transport aircraft.


  • Massively strong custom designed chassis.
  • Deep section in the centre, then rising at the stern to cope with uneven ground.
  • Large moveable side bars gently hold the inflating and inflated Helikite in place and keep it off the rough ground during gas filling.
  • Solid steel construction, fully galvanised after all work has been done, to ensure no bolt holes will rust.
  • Side bars allow Helikite to be held sideways thus allowing the fully inflated Helikite (under 20m3) to travel on public roads.
  • Side bar upholstered in thick padding in clients preferred colour. Padding attached with Velcro and so can be removed if required.
  • Twin axle for greatest reliability, best towing stability and lowest ground pressure.
  • High ground clearance to cope with the worst rutted tracks in Africa, South America, or anywhere else.
  • ‘Upside-Down’ Axle with protected brake pipes ensured the brake pipes cannot be damaged by rocks or ruts etc.
  • Custom made 12V high speed winch (60ft/min) is suitable for Dyneema flying line. (Normal winches are slow and melt tethers)
  • Padded floor area over helium cylinders, to ensure balloon is not damaged during inflation and payload is always protected.
  • Unique triangular section steel supports + tie-down straps to hold numerous helium cylinders in place for safe transport.
  • Side flaps stop helium cylinders from sideways movement, but allow easy access when required.
  • Composite galvanised steel + phenolic resin plywood floor. Great strength and resistant to scratches from helium cylinders. Helium, winch, Helikite and battery storage Winch operated via cable remote control
  • Lockable steel tool box on front of trailer also acts as a platform for an operator to stand on.
  • Lockable Helikite storage box.
  • 4 x Trailer Legs
  • Two spare trailer wheels
  • Special roller ramp to easily lift helium cylinders onto trailer.
  • Waterproof and dustproof cover .
  • Painted in any customer preferred Colour.
  • Helium transport warning signs
Braked trailer
Length: 18ft
Width: 70 inches
Height: 6ft6in

Carrying Capacity:
Gross:1500 Kg
15 x 9m3 BOC Steel ‘L’ Helium Cylinders

34m3 Desert Star Helikite Aerostat & Trailer
This handy trailer allows Helikites up to 35 m3 in size carrying radios or a gyro-stabilised video camera to be deployed to over 1000ft altitude, in winds from 0 to 40 mph - within a few minutes.

A truly practical and robust tactical aerostat system.


New Helikite Rapid-Response Trailer launching a 10m3 Desert Star Helikite carrying
four surveillance cameras